Take One Look at This Cleft Palate Cat and You’ll See Why Everyone Loves Him

When Lazarus was found on the streets of Johnson City in Tennessee, veterinarians were shocked the poor kitty was able to survive.

He was in horrible shape — infested with fleas and malnourished. He was also suffering from a severe bilateral cleft palate, a craniofacial anomaly where the face and mouth don’t form properly.

But his disability has not hindered his well-being or the amount of love people seem to have for him.

Aside from the fact that he’s a playful and sweet creature, his appearance has fascinated people from all over the world.┬áThe two-year-old cat has achieved Internet fame, with over 6,000 Vine followers and 27,000 Facebook likes.

Check out some photos of this cleft palate cat in the slideshow above.

Images: Care for Lazarus