A Photographer Discovered a Closet Full of Human Brains. This Is What He Did with Them.

Photographer Adam Voorhes discovered a closet full of well-preserved human brains in an abandoned mental hospital. Rather than run, or report it to the police like most sane people would do, Vorhees decided to do what he does best: take photos. The resulting pictures are as eerie as they are fascinating

Voorhes, an Austin, Texas based photographer, was exploring the ruins of the University of Texas Mental Hospital in 2011 on assignment from Scientific American when he stumbled upon more than 700 glass jars of human brains preserved in formaldehyde that had been forgotten since the facility’s closure in the 1960s.

He developed an obsession with studying them. Over the next year, Voorhes used high-tech camera and preparation to techniques to capture the perfect photographs of his pet brains, eventually compiling the photos into the book Malformed: The Forgotten Brains of the Texas Mental Hospital.

Scroll through some of the photos above. For more information, read the full article at the Washington Post or purchase the book on Amazon¬†or check out Voorhes’s other work on his site.