CNN Reporter Gets High on the Job, Delivers an Amazing Report

Field reporting often subjects the journalist on the ground covering a story to whatever is going on in his or her immediate surroundings. While conventional journalism calls for these reporters to take a totally objective stance and not get personally involved in the story, sometimes that’s easier said than done.

Take CNN anchor and correspondent Randi Kaye for example. The reporter was recently on a week-long assignment in Colorado where she was covering the cannabis tour business in Colorado where recreational marijuana use was recently legalized. The segment aired on “Anderson Cooper 360,” and showed Kaye riding around in a limo full of pot smokers as part of the story.

But as she checked back in with Cooper to wrap up the story, the host playfully asked how extensive her research had been and that’s when she revealed she might have gotten a contact high while in the limo due to all the fumes. Additionally, as the talk progressed Cooper noticed she was acting a little off even as they spoke.

Later as he discussed the incident during a Ridiculist segment, Cooper blatantly said “I think she was high” referring back to Kaye’s giggles and high-spirited reporting, and even called it “the greatest live hit that was ever on the program.”

We may never know for sure if the reporter had a little too much fun on this assignment, but we’ll leave it up to you to make your own decision about the situation. Check out the initial “360” segment above and the follow up below. Skip to 4:20 on the first one to get straight to the good part.