Fashion Inspiration for Coachella and Other Outdoor Music Festivals

From flowy patterned shorts to colorful bustiers, we are going to help you rock Coachella this year.

If you were lucky enough to have scored a ticket to this legendary event, you’re in for an unforgettable experience and musical line-up. But, let’s be honest…the most crucial element to attending to Coachella? Fashion.

In terms of bottoms and tops, we wanted to mix a little something tight with a little something flowy!

Three essential pieces that we advise you not to leave home without are: a cute and original pair of denim cutoffs, a flowy and comfortable top, and an awesome pair of loose statement pants.

Be sure to mix either length on top and minimal bottoms or some sleeveless on the top and pants down below, because this 88-90 degree forecast is no joke. Not only will you be feelin’ cool under that hot California sun, but you’ll also have to pose for photos with people who are envious of your style. We guarantee it.

We all know that outfits from Coachella mark the trends for the remainder of that year, and the festivals to follow.

Whether you see celebrities, stylists, or that girl that just happened to throw on random items of clothing from her closet and completely nailed it, you’ll most likely find these styles circulating nonstop on every form of social media for the next two weeks.


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