Coachella Fashion Today’s Groovy

Coachella Fashion is nothing if it doesn’t keep concert-goers looking cute and effortless in the blistering and sometimes inclement weather of the Palm Springs dessert.

The goal of dressing for a music festival—any music festival—attended by mostly kids in their teens and early twenties, is to be comfortable while still looking trendy and eye-catching.

This year’s  Coachella clothing trend is “Boho/Hippy” style. It’s all peace and love baby.  Channeling a modern-day version of a Woodstock Fest; styles will include long flowing silhouettes in soft and romantic fabrics, paired with clunky shoes and over-sized accessories–it’s Rock meets Dub-step, Reggae mixed with EDM, creating a look as mixed as the various heading acts.

Girls will  be wearing gypsy-style maxi-skirts in light gauzy textiles, possibly paired with cropped fringe-tops or wife-beaters layered with open-weave lace.

Shorts are essential in the scorching heat — in floral patterns or denim cut-off s– but only worn with interesting footwear—a gladiator sandal or heavy hiking or combat boot.

Over-sized floppy hats have made a huge comeback from the 60’s in the last two warm-weather seasons. Great to keep skin from searing, while still keeping with the hippy look.

Accessories are fun, bold, and meant to make a statement. Whether it’s tee-shirts with messages, colorful eye-wear, be-jeweled or floral headpieces, or gigantic jewelry, as long as it’s daring,  it works for Coachella.