Coachella Offering a Unique Watering Hole: LA Sewer’s Finest?

With temps nearing 100 degrees in the sun and 96 in the shade, staying hydrated will be as big a concern for Coachella Fest-goers as who’ll be the featured hologram this year.

In comes the Oasis water bar to save the day. A cool spot for astute and thirsty music  fans  to belly up fora sip of one of 14 different types of filtered, recycled, and tap waters, served up by graduate students from Southern California studying water issues.

The water bar is a new initiative, making its debut at Coachella. It’s the latest in recycling, energy and other sustainability-themed events created for Coachella by Global Inheritance–a Los Angeles based nonprofit dedicated to water conservation, education, and environmental sustainability

“Mixologists” will also be creating a special menu of classic desert island-style cocktails, using a variety of water options from local and imported tap waters, along with higher-end bottles drawn from such places as Lake Arrowhead, Colorado River, Indio Wells, Mt. Shasta, the Pacific Ocean, and the (yikes!) Los Angeles Sewer System.

Lisa Chau, project manager at Global Inheritance told My Dessert, “Our mission is always to raise awareness of important global issues. It’s an interesting juxtaposition to have (the water bar) in the desert. It’s very obvious in that environment that water is a necessity. It’s such a crucial topic to touch on and to do it in a fun way, so it can touch a lot of people,” Chau says.

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