These Household Uses for Coca-Cola Will Make You Question Why You Ever Drank It

Coca-Cola has been around for as long as most of us can even remember. It has been a signature soda known for its red labeling and mysterious ingredients that taste like a mouth full of bubbly sugar.

However there are many other uses for the fizzy drink that may shock you and make you never want a sip of ice cold Cola again.

Want to remove rust? Grab a can of Coca-Cola and some aluminum foil and with a little elbow grease rust vanishes.

Have an oil stain you want gone? No problem for Coca-Cola! Take the soda, pour it on the stain and then simply brush it away.

Want to make your old pennies shiny again? Let the change soak in the sugary drink and watch as the tarnish lifts straight from the coins.

Have a dirty toilet you need cleaned? All you have to do is pour the soda in and flush. Before you know it you have a bright and shiny toilet.

If Coca-Cola can do this to rust and dirty toilets, imagine what it does to your insides! The real question is though, would you drink the soda again after seeing these videos?