WATCH: Coca Cola Releases Emotional Video on Judgment and Labeling

Coca Cola is on a mission to stop labeling and they are starting with their own cans. The cans have only been released in the Middle East, but the message has gone viral.

The can still has its signature red coloring but on one side instead of its iconic labeling, it has the phrase “Labels are for cans, not for people” printed on it.

A video was also released to go along with the campaign. It features a group of strangers who all come from different background and who have different interests sitting at a dining table together. Here is the catch, the room they are in is completely dark so they are unable to see each other. The group of men strike up a conversation asking each other what their interests are, guessing what they all look like. When the lights turn on, all of them are shocked, as none of them look how they imagined.

The Coca Cola video on labeling is two minute and 47 second and ends with the phrase “This Ramadan see without label.”

Since its release on July 4th the emotional video has received almost 10 million views.