Cocky MMA Fighter Gets KTFO in 25 Seconds

Apparently, Julz “The Jackal” doesn’t know how to keep his ego proportionate to his skill level.

At Nitro 11, he got knocked out by Ben “10” Nguyen after acting all cocky pre-fight. Nguyen took the Nitro MMA bantamweight title in just 25 seconds.

“It felt surreal, like it never happened or took place. I’ve never had a fight end so quickly. And usually my body feels really sore afterwards, and I never had that feeling. And it just felt so surreal,” Nguyen told Combat Press. “I knew deep down I was gonna beat him, but beating him in that fashion was probably the sweetest way it could happen. It was a bit of karma, I’d say. I knew that I couldn’t let it get to me and I had to focus on the task at hand, and I did that, thankfully.”