Coconut Crabs Are Terrifying! They Want to Eat Your Kittens

There’s probably no creature on the planet more terrifying than a coconut crab. Okay, maybe we’re exaggerating a little bit, but they are really, really freaky!

Coconut crabs are the largest terrestrial arthropods, which are found in the phylum that includes spiders, insects and crustaceans. They can be found on islands located in the Pacific and Indian Ocean and can grow to sizes we are very uncomfortable with.

Environmental Graffiti explains:

Coconut crabs come forth irregularly at night to feed, loot, raid and plunder. The crab is known for its ability to crack or pound open coconuts with the strong pincers or two large chelae it possesses in order to eat the contents.

The soft white meat of the coconut forms the main part of the crab’s diet. However, it also eats simple foodstuffs such as fruit and leaves as well as more ‘extreme’ items like crustaceans’ exoskeletons that have been molted. This may serve as a calcium source for the growth of the creature’s own shell.

Besides just feasting on their own exoskeletons, these ground-dwelling arthropods have been known to feast on stray chickens, their fellow coconut crab, and, you guessed it, cute cuddly kittens.

Consider this: If their pincers are so powerful that they can break open the hard shell of a coconut, just imagine what other kind of damage they’re capable of.

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