Intoxicated Woman Arrested After Bragging About Passing Breathalyzer on Facebook

Colleen Cudney, a 22-year-old woman on probation, found out the hard way why people shouldn’t post certain information up on social media sites like Facebook.

On probation for a drunk driving conviction, Cudney was asked to take a random breathalyzer test the day following St. Patrick’s Day.

After unexpectedly passing, she posted a status update on Facebook saying, “Buzz killer for me, I had to breatalyze this morning and I drank yesterday but I passed thank god lol my dumbass.”

Brilliant move.

A Westland police officer came across her post and immediately notified the probation office. But when they tried calling Cudney to take another urine test, she decided to simply hang up the phone.

Needless to say, she was arrested.

Probation officials report that this was a violation of the conditions of her probation for a 2012 DUI.

Her probation was set to end in just a few weeks.

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DUI probation is often an alternative to a DUI conviction, but the court may want to take a different approach to sentencing since she clearly didn’t learn anything from the first sentence.