EPIC FAIL: College Grad Attempts a Back Flip on Stage, Lands on His Face

Anyone who has ever walked across the stage during a commencement ceremony knows about the flood of emotions that go through a student’s head as he’s handed his degree and is officially a graduate. There’s nervousness, pride, relief, excitement.

But one recent graduate at Davenport University in Grand Rapids, Michigan was so elated after receiving his diploma at the school’s Sunday ceremony that he decided to do a back flip. This display of joy isn’t uncommon at graduation ceremonies, and usually gets a positive reaction from everyone watching.

However, the response for Robert Jeffrey Blank was far from a congratulatory one. The reason: He completely botched the landing.

The video above shows him receiving his diploma, and while still on stage, attempting a back flip. Instead of landing on his feet, however, he’s seen falling straight on his face.


Let’s hope his job interviews go better than his back flip.

All jokes aside, we lend a warm congrats to the class of 2014.

Watch the video above and see what Blank had to say about the incident.