WATCH: College Professor Gets Epically Pranked by Student

Everyone knows that ringing cell phones in college classrooms are distracting.

When a student fails to abide by a professor’s policy to silence their phone during class (and allows the obnoxious ringtone of a rap song to fill the room), there are often negative consequences.

Some hard-nosed professors have been known to smash students’ phones when they go off during a lecture, while others resort to more embarrassing tactics when tackling this common classroom nuisance.

For example, a Grand Rapids, Michigan, macroeconomics professor at Aquinas College has a policy that “if your phone rings in class, you must answer it on speakerphone.”

And while such an act would usually humiliate the student, this time around it was the teacher who was mortified.

The video, titled “BEST CLASSROOM APRIL FOOLS PRANK EVER,” captures the moment when a female student’s phone rings and she is forced to take the call.

A guy on the other end answers and informs her he is with a pregnancy crisis center.

What happens next? You’ll have to watch the above video and find out!