Colorado Airport Installs “Amnesty Boxes” for Pot

If you’re living in Colorado, it might be easy to forget the rest of the nation isn’t so lax on their weed laws.

That’s why Colorado Springs Airport has introduced “amnesty boxes” for forgetful pot smokers to deposit their marijuana before going through security. Starting January 1, Colorado became the first US state to legalize recreational marijuana.

But the drug is still a controlled substance on the federal level. And once the doors close on a plane, you’re officially subject to federal law.

Colorado state law allows for flyers to leave their stash in a parked car outside the airport. Colorado Springs introduced the amnesty boxes for less mindful passengers, possibly under the influence of some unknown substance. Who can say?

The boxes are similar to those provided to dispose of other forbidden items, such as lighters and pocket knives, before passing through TSA checkpoints. All the marijuana deposited will be destroyed, hopefully by burning it in an enclosed space.

If caught trying to transport marijuana on a plane, whether in carry-on luggage, on one’s person, or in a checked bag, passengers would be subject to a $2,500 fine and potential jail time. And since the TSA now screens all checked baggage, it’s a safe bet to say they’ll probably find it.

Looking at it that way, it’s rather charitable of Colorado Springs Airport, especially considering Denver International Airport opted out of the boxes. Nearby Eagle County Airport, however, is considering introducing their own.

The boxes were installed on Wednesday.

And while it’s a convenient way for unwitting lawbreakers to avoid jail time, it’s still a waste of good weed. So remember stoners, leave it in your car.