Colorblind Man Sees Purple for the First Time and Freaks Out

Colorblindness does not necessarily mean you can only see in black and white. In Ethan Zachary Scott’s case, he was born red/green colorblind. This allowed him to see colors, but not as vibrant as they are to someone who is not colorblind.

Recently, Scott was gifted a pair of EnChroma sunglasses, which were made for colorblind people to boost their color vision.

When he first puts on the shades, he doesn’t realize what they’re truly capable of. It isn’t until his friend urges him to “look around” that he notices a difference.

As he looks around the office, he spots a color he has never been able to see before: a purple Lysol container. It completely captivates him and freaks him out.

In the video, you can hear him saying, “Is this purple? Oh my god. That Lysol thing is scaring me!”

He then goes outside to see the vibrant colors of the grass and freaks out even more. His highly emotional experience of seeing vibrant colors for the first time will definitely leave you appreciating the little things in life.