Comedian Joan Rivers Handcuffs Herself to Costco Shopping Cart, Twitter Weighs In

Joan Rivers is not one to keep mum when something is on her mind. Which is why it isn’t surprising that the comedian decided to take matters into her own hands when wholesale giant Costco refused to sell her book, I Hate Everyone_Starting with Me. According to a report from TMZ, “Joan claims Costco banned her new book [_] because of several racy jokes on the back cover so yesterday, she staged a protest in Burbank against what she called unjust censorship” by walking around the store with a loud speaker and a box of her books, and eventually handcuffing herself to a customer’s shopping cart. The entire episode ended when Costco officials called the cops, who escorted Rivers out.

Some are calling this a publicity stunt, some believe Rivers acted out of genuine anger at Costco. Whatever the case may have been, we say it’s all pretty funny and entertaining. And so are these tweets that we found about the incident. Read on.