85 Things You Missed at Comic-Con – Including President Obama

A lot goes on at Comic-Con International in San Diego. There’s the massive Exhibit Hall, that stretches multiple city blocks and is loaded with tons of comic books, games, toys, animation, science fiction and fantasy merchandise, and all the companies who produce those items promoting them in one place. There there are the panels, focusing on upcoming comic book series, gaming and anime, as well as any movie or TV series that will be premiering over the course of the next year.

And then there are the people in costumes. TONS of people in costumes. They’re known as “cosplayers” in case you didn’t know, and you can find out more about them here.

Even hard core fans who get to San Diego on Tuesday night and stay until the following Monday miss out on something. (Heck, even as we wrote that paragraph above listing the things that happen at Comic-Con, we knew we were leaving something out.)┬áThe event is just so massive, and there’s so much sensory overload distracting you, that there’s no way to take everything in.

Fortunately, we sent photographer Mari Provencher (mariprovencher.com) to cover the annual event. From the Exhibit Hall to downtown San Diego, she covered it all, risking life, limb and olfactory glands to shoot a zombie Enterprise crew, bored Disney Princesses, anime mash-ups, a President Obama entourage, and everything in between. Check out her Comic Con pictures in the slide show above.

To find out about the event itself, go to Comic-Con.org.