Community Helps Dying Boy Celebrate Halloween, His Birthday and Christmas in Five Days

Santa made an exception this year, and readied his sleigh for a visit to West Jordan, Utah to┬ábring a dying boy his favorite holiday while he’s still around to see it.

Young Ethan Van Leuven is in the midst of a battle with Leukemia that pulled on the heartstrings of his town, and the whole nation. Once the Van Leuvens found out that Ethan had not responded well to his treatment, and his battle was likely to be a losing one, they decided to make his last days some of his best, and their community rallied to help.

So they crammed as many holidays as they could into a single week — a week that encompassed not just the impending Halloween, but his birthday, Christmas Eve, and Christmas day too. Halloween came on Tuesday, followed by his birthday on Thursday, Christmas Eve on Friday and Chistmas, Ethan’s favorite holiday, on Saturday.

Neighbors and friends chipped in, and plastered sign-up sheets at local congregations so stranger could help too. Soon, they had a Gofundme page and a Facebook page to help pay for the celebrations. Dozens showed up throughout the week, including police officers, fire fighters, the Today Show, Darth Vader, and even Santa Claus.

You can read the full details of Ethan’s amazing week at KSL.