Compact, Stylish and Lightweight: The GE X450

If you happen to be in the market for a camera that isn’t some cheap point-and-shoot and begs to be taken anywhere, you may want to check out the GE X450.

The X450 is part of the Power Pro Series and comes equipped with a 2.7-inch LCD display and phenomenal shutter and continuous shooting capabilities. Not to mention, this 16 megapixel camera has a 25x zoom, 24-600mm f/3.7-6.2 wide-angle lens, a 720 HD video option and tons of other cool extras.

Upon inspection, there were quite a few great aspects to this 16 megapixel digital: it’s stylish, lightweight and very easy to stow away in backpack or purse. It practically fits in the palm of your hand and is easy to hold! It measures just 2.8 by 4.5 by 3.1 inches (HWD) and weighs 11.7 ounces. 

We had the opportunity to test out the X450 in real-world settings. No, we didn’t take it behind our office building and snap photos of our staff, we brought it along with us on a trip to France — where it was taken on some of the finest adventures in all of Europe. It accompanied us through the crowded streets of Paris, through alleyways and historic landmarks, quaint southern towns and to the calanques of the Mediterranean Sea.

We must admit, before getting our hands on this camera, we had no idea that GE even made decent photo hardware. But we were impressed by its gorgeous design and seemingly endless abilities.

If you’re worried about capturing subjects on the move, the X450’s object tracking and Optical Image Stabilization will surely be a feature you’ll be using quite frequently. Unintentional movements can often make or break a great photo, but with this piece of tech on deck, you’ll never have to wonder if those special moments in time were ruined because your best friend decided start laughing hysterically mid-shot.

The only issue we seemed to have was that the camera’s image and speed quality seemed to suffer the higher we set the ISO.

A really neat feature, but one that we weren’t able to try out, is the camera’s Eye-Fi compatibility. What this does is allow you to upload all of your prized photos and videos directly to your Android or Apple device using only a wireless connection. For this feature to work, you have to purchase a Mobi Eye-Fi card, which we didn’t do.

What comes in the box:

  • 4 – AA batteries
  • USB Cable
  • Shoulder Strap
  • Lens Cover
  • Digital User Manual
  • Basic User Manual
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Warranty Card

This camera is ideal for even beginning photographers and those on a budget. For only $149.99, it’s a steal and totally worth the price. We would seriously take this camera anywhere, well, except into the water because it’s not waterproof.

Head on over to GE’s website for more on this camera and other awesome products.