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These Companies Encourage Workers to Take Pot Breaks During Work

Ever since some states legalized marijuana (even the recreational use of marijuana), the line between medicinal and recreational use of the drug has become blurrier than ever. Legalization also begs the question of how long it will take before marijuana is removed from the list of substances checked during mandatory drug testing for some jobs.
For most of pot-smokers who do not live in states like Oregon, Colorado or Washington, these are legitimate issues so you can imagine how far our jaws dropped when we learned that there are employers out there who not only tolerate pot smokers but they actually encourage the use of marijuana during work hours.
While the companies we are highlighting offer services in the cannabis industry, we’re pretty certain that soon, when most states legalize marijuana, the trend of having pot breaks during work will skyrocket.
The following are some companies you would probably love to work for if you’re a stoner:
This company provides “seed-to-sale software” in the cannabis industry. Workers here are encouraged to bring in cannabis-infused edibles and beverages. (Colorado voters legalized marijuana for adult recreational use in November 2012, but no smoking of any kind is allowed indoors.)
CEO Kyle Sherman explains his policy: “If it helps our employees get work done, then we don’t care if they consume at work. …It definitely surfaces new ideas and a fresh take on things.”
High There!
This company is behind a major social media platform that caters to marijuana users.
Workers here are encouraged to take pot breaks at specific times: during brainstorming sessions and later in the day when things wind down.
Co-founder Darren Roberts says this about pot at work: “It has led us to breakthrough moments for our business. So yes, it’s been very effective for us.”
MassRoots owns social media sites for stoners and is hailed as the “Facebook for pot users.” MassRoots cofounder Isaac Dietrich is fine with pot smoking during work hours, a good policy considering he said he was smoking weed when he came up with the idea for MassRoots which has $4.4 million in funding!

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