Company Has ‘No-Face’ Day So Workers Don’t Have to Fake Being Happy (Photos)

They say in business that sometimes you just have to ‘fake it, till you make it’, however at least one company seems to disagree. A Chinese company implemented ‘No-Face Day’, during which employees wear masks to hide their faces. The reason? So employees can stop faking happiness when going about their daily tasks.

According to reports, the day is meant to “relieve them from the stress of faking facial expressions.”

Having a rough day? This unusual idea means you wouldn’t have to work to hide it, just cover it up. Annoyed by your coworkers? They’ll never know behind that mask.

Inspired by the character No-Face from the iconic Japanese film Spirited Away, most of the employees chose to wear a mask that emulates the character’s appearance. Others chose the—someone terrifying—Guy Fawkes mask made popular by the movie V for Vendetta and the internet hacking group known as Anonymous.

Apparently employees wanted to have their masks match as much as possible in order to preserve a sense of anonymity.

Check out pictures from No-Face day in the slideshow above.

How would you feel if your company decided to let everyone hide their face for the day? Let us know in the comments below.