Watching This Compilation of Crossfit Fails Is Hilariously Exhausting

Apparently, what doesn’t kill you does make you stronger, including… Crossfit!

Well, if not stronger, at least incredibly embarrased to ever set foot into the gym, ever again.

Since first becoming a cultural phenomenon, Crossfit has been caught in the crossfire — and for good reason.

With over 6,000 affiliated gyms in the US (that’s up from only 50 in 2005), Crossfit has many folks getting caught up in the hype and exercising themselves into total exhaustion.

Sometimes, when you attempt to go as hard and fast as possible while doing irresponsible workouts, the results aren’t so pretty.

What you’re about to see in the video compilation above are some of the most scary situations fitnessĀ fanatics have ever put themselves in, and completely failed at. While some of the clips aren’t exactly of people doing Crossfit per se, they are a reminder that those people should probably NEVER attempt to.

After watching the video, if you don’t feel like pushing your limits and getting injured, just don’t forget to skip leg day, alright?