WATCH: Having Children Is a Nightmare Says Condom Ad

Commercial ads are supposed to be convincing, right? Well, this Durex condom ad from a couple years back convinces viewers that having kids is a lot like being hit in the crotch.

In this comical advertisement, the company uses a montage of possible scenarios that say, “This could be you if you don’t use our product.”

Though shot in a romantic light, the scenarios are anything BUT peaceful. In fact, if you’re a guy, they’re downright painful.

The sound of Beethoven’s “Moonlight Sonata” plays over the painful and slow-motion announcement — though the clip we got from the Young Turks show has the audio taken out (probably for legal reasons). Check out the best condom commercial ever, and get the team’s play-by-play thoughts on it. You may rethink having kids.