Confused Parents Paint Triplets’ Toenails to Tell Them Apart

Karen and Ian Gilbert are the proud parents of one-year-old triplets, Ffion, Maddison and Paige. For a while they were also the very confused parents of the three baby girls who are so identical in appearance that they had mom and dad stumped as to who was who.

But the Gilberts found a way around the issue by color coding the girls’ toenails, with a different color of nail polish for each: Ffion wears fuschia polish, Maddison has mint green, and Paige wears purple. Each baby has the first letter of her name matching the first letter of the color.

The mom made sure to clarify this is not a fashion statement and really was a method to tell the children apart until they get a little older and hopefully develop different looks and personalities.

“It makes life a lot easier when it comes to our daily routine of feeding, bathing and nappy changing” the South Wales mom said. “The color coding helps us to know who has had what.”

Seems like the parents can use all the help they can get. The family goes through more than 120 diaper changes and 84 bottles of formula milk on a weekly basis!

On top of that, the one-year-olds are already mini celebs as they’ve got an acting gig on two British television shows, where the three play the same baby.

The parents have their hands full, but it seems they wouldn’t have it any other way. Karen says, “They are lovely little girls who have already brought us so much joy – in triplicate.”