Conjoined Twins with Brains ‘Zipped Together’ Can See Through Each Other’s Eyes

Tatiana and Krista Hogan are conjoined at the head and they will never be separated. Their unique bond is so deep that they can even see through each other’s eyes and move each other’s limbs. Really — one can make the other wave a hand or kick a ball!

A few years after they were born doctors discovered that these sisters have a unique brain structure: They share a neural bridge between their thalamus which regulates consciousness along with sensory and motor signal. Basically, this means that their brains are connected by one piece of tissue. Their mom and dad knew something was special about their daughters when they realized that both could watch television at the same time, even when only one of them was looking at the screen. Doctors ran tests after this discovery, and they found that they share a sense of sight.

Mom and dad also believe that Tatiana and Krista can share thoughts without speaking. Their grandfather told the Mirror: “They start giggling and you know they’re up to something and they haven’t said a word. Pretty soon after they will go and pull a prank and you know they are communicating. We just don’t know how.”


Not only do these sisters possess unique abilities, they are a miracle. Doctors didn’t expect they’d live very long, and they have defied all odds. Mainly, doctors worried that the girls would not be able to sit up let alone walk, run and play together. But they can!

There is a documentary about these amazing twins, called Joined at The Head: Twin Life. In it, it’s explained that Tatiana and Krista will never lead independent lives because of their connection. Despite this fact, their mom, Felicia, hopes that the girls can have a normal life.

“I still see people look at them like they are freaks, like they shouldn’t be here,” Felicia said. “People need to see these little girls are amazing for who they are.”

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