Teenager Forced to Stay Awake for Four Days After a Parasite Started to Eat Her Eyeball

The horror 19-year-old Jessica Greaney recently had to experience is something we wouldn’t wish upon even our worst enemies.

She contracted a parasite that’s notorious for causing severe infections in a person’s central nervous system, skin and eyes. It’s called Acanthamoeba castellanii, and was discovered after the cornea of one of her eye’s became inflamed. Come to find out, the parasite was actually devouring her eyeball.

By the time she was admitted to a hospital, she could barely see because of the damage the Acanthamoeba was doing.

contact lens parasite extraction

Greaney explained her experience to BBC:

Four nights of not being able to sleep sounds like torture and it is. It’s really heartbreaking and hard to go through. I was on eye drops every half an hour throughout the day and night for four days and then that obviously meant that I couldn’t sleep.

jessica greaney eye

This particular parasite is often found in swimming pools, showers, dust and soil. Although infections in the eye are rare, if left untreated, it could eat through you retina, causing permanent blindness.

Despite the fact that she maintained proper hygiene of her contact lenses (cleaning them on the regular and throwing them out when recommended), it is believed that Greaney was infected after splashing some tap water on them.

Featured Image: iStock