Cop Cars of the Future Imagined at LA Auto Show

Ever wonder what the future of cars will look like? The LA Auto Show does so every year and gives car designers the task of coming up with innovative, exciting and plausible ideas.

This year’s design challenge competition had studios from all over the world envisioning Highway Patrol vehicles from the year 2025.

More specifically, the task was to design the “ultimate 2025 law enforcement patrol vehicle that supports the needs of dynamic urban environments” with a criteria that included “consideration of future needs for advanced technology, speed and agility on future freeway systems, creativity of the solution, meeting the specific region’s mandated emission standards, and environmental sensitivity for maintenance and recyclability” as stated on the LA Auto Show’s Press Release.

Design studios from BMW, General Motors, Honda, Mercedes-Benz and Subaru submitted their entries with such cutting-edge features as drone technology, electric vehicle systems, land and air capabilities and renewable resource-fueled vehicles complete with topographical scanners.

The studio to take the cake, however, was Subaru with its SHARC (Subaru Highway Automated Response Concept) vehicle.

The judges expressed they were impressed with all the submissions but chose the Subaru SHARC because it “captured the vision of the Design Challenge theme by combining functionality and problem-solving technology around a dynamic and plausible story.”

This story, as explained by Motor Trends’ Alex Noshimoto,” takes place in Hawaii in the year 2025, where highway patrol budgets are shrinking just as they are elsewhere in the world. To meet this challenge, Subaru’s SHARC automated response vehicle was conceived as an affordable and environmentally conscious option offering 24-hour highway monitoring by land or air. Powered by renewable energy, the concept meets Hawaii’s strict UltraGreen carbon-neutral environmental regulations and eliminates the need for a large full-time highway patrol team.”

Check out the artist’s rendition of the Subaru SHARC.

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