Watch: Cop Crosses Five Lanes of Traffic to Save Puppy in Dramatic Rescue

A traffic cop modestly said he “was only doing [his] job,” when he risked his life to save a puppy trapped in the middle of freeway traffic. The incident took place in Peru, according to the Huffington Post, and was caught on video.

The video shows the officer as he slowly walks out into oncoming traffic, signaling for vehicles to stop. He works his way closer to the frightened puppy lane-by-lane, almost getting hit in a dramatic moment as a truck speeds past him, refusing to stop. Despite the tense moment, he is finally able to make it across the motorway, grab the canine, and return to safety.

The Daily Mail identified the officer as 34-year-old Juan Manuel Iman Zena, who told the news outlet:

“I could see that there was no way the young dog was going to make it back and it’s amazing he even managed to get to the central reservation in the first place. I knew it was about to be hit at any moment, and was worried that if a car tried to swerve it might cause an accident.”

The dog reportedly had a phone number on its collar, and was eventually reunited with its owner.