WATCH: Bodycam Captures Michigan Traffic Stop Turned Deadly – Teen Shot 7 Times

Deven Guilford, 17, was pulled over by seargent Jonathan Frost in February of this year. He was targeted because he had flashed the officer because he believed his high beams were on.

Because the officer was driving an SUV, the teenager was unaware that he was flashing his brights at a cop. As you will see in the above video, Guilform refused to comply with the officer’s orders. He was then asked to get out of the car and shot with a taser.

According to Frost, the taser didn’t work as planned and an altercation ensued. Frost eventually pulled out his gun and shot the teenager seven times.

Four months later, the officer was cleared of wrongdoing, but the boy’s family has filed suit against Frost. The family believes Frost should have called for backup rather than trying to deal with the situation himself. Also, Guilford was unarmed, and they believe Frost used excessive force.

In response to the Guilford’s assertions, Eaton County Prosecutor Douglass Lloyd wrote in a news release, “While, in retrospect, both Deven and Sgt. Frost could have made different choices, ultimately this tragedy would have not occurred if Deven Guilford had not physically attacked Sgt. Frost.”

The following are photos of Frost following his altercation with the teen.

frost altercation with teen 3


frost altercation with teen21


Frost asserts that his bodycam fell off during the altercation and the dashcam in his new patrol car wasn’t working, which explains why there is no footage of the incident after the Taser was fired.