VIDEO: Cop Tasers Elderly Man for Absolutely No Reason

A Texas police officer is currently under investigation after using a stun gun on an elderly man during a traffic stop.

Officer Nathanial Robinson’s dash cam captured the incident — shown in the video above — at Adam’s Auto Mart in Victoria, as the song “Under Ground Kings” by Drake was blasting from his cruiser’s speakers.

According to WPTV, Pete Vasquez, 76, was pulled over by the 23-year-old cop because of an expired inspection sticker issue.

When the driver attempted to explain to Robinson that it was a dealer’s car with dealer’s plates, he became furious and grabbed onto the man’s arm to handcuff him.

Vasquez is then slammed onto the hood of the cruiser, then to the ground, and as you’ll see in the video he is tased. The elderly man explained that Robinson behaved more like a pit bull than a police officer.

“It sickens me,” said Larry Urich, who watched the incident from a few feet away.  “He grabbed Pete and tackled him. Pete didn’t fall down, he was tackled, his head missing the curb by about that (shows with his hands) far… And that’s when he tasered him.”

The Associated Press reports that Robinson has been placed on administrative duty pending an investigation.