Country Super Star’s Little Girl Sings on Stage with Him, Steals the Crowd’s Heart

Dierks Bentley has already got the looks (seriously, dude looks like an angel) and the musical talent, so he could just never do another appreciable thing in his lifetime and still have our hearts.

The latest of the singer’s antics that made us fall even harder in love involved him bringing his daughter on the stage with him, and performed a duet¬†with her to his beautiful song “Thinking of You.” The tune is a daddy love-letter he wrote for his daughters and one is even featured on the recorded track.

In this video, although it takes a little while for little Evelyn’s voice to be audible, the daddy-daughter love between the two is 100% palpable.

The crowd, live and over the internet like us, is completely stunned by the sheer adorableness of the moment.

Check out the video above.

This isn’t the only time Dierks has brought Evie onstage to sing this song. Check out the video below from a few years back, where a pint-sized, pig-tailed, wide smiling Evelyn totally stole the show with daddy. Too cute to handle.