Couple Celebrates Anniversary by Eating Their Unrefridgerated 60-Year-Old Wedding Cake

Anniversaries are always special and many people have traditions and rituals they enjoy in celebration of their special day. This elderly couple celebrates their wedding anniversaries in quite an unusual way.

After being married for 60 years, they have revealed how they celebrate their special days. Ann and Ken Fredericks take a bite of their original wedding cake, every year. Yes, the cake they first cut and eat 60 years ago. They got married on August 19, 1955.

They keep the remains of the dark fruit cake covered in plastic wrap and in a metal coffee tin. The strangest part… they have never refrigerated it. The cake stays inside their closet at room temperature.

Before they take a bite, they pour brandy on it. Ann does admit it’s gotten dry over the years.

The couple was shocked when their video started gaining so much attention. In their minds, they never saw their ritual as a strange thing.

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services representative, Karen said a cake that is more than 60-years-old would probably be okay to eat if it was stored properly in a freezer, although the taste would be severely compromised.

Ann and Ken joke in their video saying, “maybe that’s the reason we’ve been around so long.” Maybe they’re right. But for me, I’ll be staying away from any cake that’s even a week old.