Couple Claims Ghost Attacks Them Every Night as They Sleep, Call In Vicars and Ghostbusters

One family is begging for help to rid their home of a malevolent spirit that they say has been terrorizing them at night. In the hopes regaining a normal life, the Fry family told The Mirror that they have sought help with a ghostbuster, and even brought in a vicar to bless the home—in the hopes of driving out their evil visitor.

“We are being molested by demons,” said Keiron Fry, 32, from South Wales. “My wife goes to bed fine, doesn’t feel anything in the night but when she wakes up she’s in agony.”

Tracey, 46, says at night she is beaten up—left covered in bruises and pains that were not there before she went to sleep. The couple says the paranormal presence has also terrorized their three children.

The Frys say they even have photographic evidence of a supernatural evil in their home. They captured a picture that seems to show the figure of a small ghost child crouching in their son’s bedroom.

The family’s cats refuse to go to the upper levels of the house.

Keiron and Tracey say that a paranormal investigator diagnosed the situation as the malicious acts of an incubus demon—apparently the very worst type of demon.  However they believe there may be as many as three spirits possessing the residence.

One man, who claims to be a ghostbuster, visited the home with a bible and crucifix and spent three hours battling the demons. A vicar visited the family to pray with the Frys and talk about their situation. A third man made contact with one spirit using a ouiji board.

Despite these efforts, the family says they are still haunted by evil every night.