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Remember The Couple Who Fell Out of a Window While Making Love?

How does a couple fall out of a window while having sex in their home?

According to The Sun, a Chinese couple in Wuhan did just that, falling out of their apartment window to their deaths while making love. No, it wasn’t Coronavirus related. This story actually took place in 2013, but it’s making the rounds again on social media as if it were news.

The unstable window they were having sex against allegedly broke, causing them to plummet to the ground in central China. Witnesses say that as they fell from their apartment, they were seen holding tight to one another.

This tragedy may remind you of the sex scene in the movie Shame (pictured above) where Michael Fassbender and Amy Hargreaves are pressed against the glass window of a room in Manhattan’s The Standard Hotel, except it has a very heartbreaking ending.

A shocking photo of the scene in Wuhan, appearing to show the man and woman on the ground beneath white sheets, was a little too dark for us to post here on FTK. You can find that, as well as more information on the incident, here.

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