VIDEO: Couple Ties the Knot 12 Feet Underwater in Bora Bora

We thought we’d seen it all by the end of this wedding season, going to marital ceremony after marital ceremony filled with unique and creative ideas that kept on uping the ante for each subsequent wedding.

However, one couple brought things way down under for their big day. When we say down under, we mean 12 feet under water.

Nicolas and Alexandra from Madrid, Spain tied the knot in Bora Bora and became the first couple to do so under the world famous blue waters. The two wore white diving outfits and had an underwater priest present to wed them. There was also an altar made out of pearls and the two said ‘I do’ by giving a thumbs up to the priest, who connected with them through headphones.

The wedding was organized by Top Dive in order to promote weddings in the area.