Couple Has Their First Dance 6 Years After Accident Leaves Husband Paralyzed

The first dance between a married couple is a time for the two lovers to share an intimate moment together during their wedding ceremony. This was sadly not the case for Joel and Lauren Jackson.

About six years ago, on December 2009, Joel was in a devastating car accident that left him paralyzed from the neck down. He rammed his car into a telephone pole, ejecting him from his seat out almost half a football field. His head was internally decapitated from his body. Miraculously, he survived.

The two who had an up-and-down love relationship finally decided to officially date in 2012. Joel’s parents told Lauren that his quality of life would now be negative and unbearable. However, they stuck together and got married the following year.

On her wedding day, Lauren told Joel what she wanted from him. She said, “When you can walk, I want you to dance with me.”

That day finally came while at Brooks Rehab in Jacksonvillle. It was a total surprise to Lauren who was texting her sister when he stood to his feet with the help of a harness. She turned around and saw her husband stand for the first time in years.

According to her blog, she forgot how tall he was after so many years and couldn’t stop saying, “Goodness you are so tall!”

Although people wonder how Lauren can be so strong and faithful when her circumstances are not the best, she attributes her success to God.

She writes,

“Joel’s quality of life might be different than what [people] would want for themselves, but I’m convinced it’s more rich and joyous than they could imagine. It is the little triumphs that [are] giant steps for us. And for the little things, I am grateful.”

She certainly knows how to see the positive light in every situation and makes the best out of each moment with her husband. Watch the video above to see the couple’s first dance. Don’t forget your tissues, though.