Couple Match On Tinder And Keep Joke Going For 3 Years

When you’re swiping right on Tinder, taking things slow isn’t usually the first thing on people’s minds.

That’s all except this couple, who based on their nearly three year conversation, might actually be soul mates. Josh and Michelle first matched in September 2014 and have been keeping up a long-running joke ever since and this week Josh let everyone else in on it.

The couple have been give lame excuses for why they haven’t got back to each – for months. One time it took Michelle two months to charge her phone, another Josh was in the shower for three. And when it comes to mid-terms, there can be a whole year gap.

To which Josh replied:

Posting their whole messaging history to Twitter, the student admitted that it is going to be one “epic” date when they finally do meet.

The messages soon went viral, with people loving the couple’s commitment to the hilarious 36-month exchange.

Even the official Tinder account got involved.

Things then got even crazier when the dating app offered to send the couple to HAWAII for their dream first date.

No word yet if the pair actually will get a trip to the sun, but this follower wasn’t convinced.

How are Michelle and Josh dealing with their new Twitter fame? By being their usual hilarious-selves. The only public message they’ve shared has been Michelle’s reply to Josh’s initial post, which read: “sorry I’d reply but I need to give it a few months !”(sic)

It’s rare for someone to play the long game on Tinder and finding someone funny who matches your humor as well makes this a match in a million.

Don’t hold out to hear news about a first date anytime soon though, with the rate their taking this burning romance it will be a decade before they get in the same room together.

Based just on this we think these two could be meant for each other.