Couple Are Ready For A Photoshoot, But What His Wife Tells Him? Tears

26-year-old Brandon Dow from Wisconsin was under the impression he was taking part in a run of the mill couples’ photoshoot with his wife Brianne earlier this month, but the 24-year-old had some emotional news in store for him – and his incredible reaction was caught on camera…


Brianne hired professional photographer Samantha Boos, who had taken the couple’s wedding photos, for the shoot, although she sneakily told her husband that they had actually won a free photo session after entering a competition. The pair meticulously planned the shoot, including the best way to pull off the big reveal…


They decided on chalk boards, and when Brandon and Briane arrived at the park Samantha told them both to write down three words that best describe each other on them. As the pair stood back to back, Brandon jotted down his words, while Briane gave a sly look to the camera. She didn’t have to do any writing — her message was already written on hers and ready to be revealed to her oblivious husband…


After Samantha had taken shots of both of the chalk boards she told the couple to turn around… and Brandon was greeted with the amazing news that he was about to become a father for the first time. ‘Brandon’s reaction was priceless when he read her board.’ Samantha said.


After uploading the beautiful images to Facebook they have been shared hundreds of thousands of times. The couple’s baby is due in February and has been given the nickname ‘Baby Dow’. They are hoping to learn the sex of the child late next month.


All images courtesy of Samantha Boos Photography