Couple Robs Bank, Posts Photos on Facebook

Meet our newest “Idiots of the Week”!

survbankrobberyxIn the image above is John Mogan, 28, and Ashley Duboe, 24. The two allegedly robbed the Savings Bank in Ashville, Ohio on August 24. According to the Circleville Herald, a “suspect entered the bank wearing a black hoodie and handed the teller a note.

The teller gave the male an undisclosed amount of money and he fled on foot.” There was footage of the robber, seen here to the right, but this man doesn’t look anything like Morgan — who has the phrases “Loyalty’s Thin” and “Betrayal’s Thick” inked on opposite cheeks.

The two might have gotten away with the crime had it not been for an abnormally stupid act on social media. After the police put out images of the suspect, they got several tips through Central Ohio Crime Stoppers. The Smoking Gun notes:

According to police, four days after the bank robbery, Mogan–with fans of cash in each hand–and Duboe posted a Facebook photo showing them embracing.

A “selfie” posted August 31 shows Mogan with a wad of bills in his mouth. The image prompted a relative to complain that the flush Mogan “didn’t hook a brother up.” Referring to the loot, Mogan replied, “That’s called a McStack.” He then noted that, “I got six bands bra real shit nigga,” before adding, “I’m doing rrree=aaaaalll) good.”




cd5ca065025d391dab1096163e4647e9Needless to say, this brought the police to their front door. They suspect that Morgan wore heavy makeup in order to conceal his tattoos from the security camera.

Mogan and Duboe have each been charged with robbery and theft; they are behind bars at the Pickaway County jail on $250,000 bond.

Mogan waived his right to a preliminary hearing in court on Wednesday of last week. No date has been set for a grand jury and the robbery is still under investigation.