Couple Sneaks into Theatre to Watch Warm Bodies, Gets Sent to Jail

Okay, most everyone has treated themselves to a double feature at the movies at least once before and skipped paying for a ticket.

It happens all the time in theaters all across the country, but for one unfortunate Indiana couple their sneaky ways landed them in legal trouble.

Lendsey and Delilha Harbin went to watch Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s latest action flick Snitch on a recent Saturday night, but decided to stay for another feature that was playing after their movie ended. They exited theater #13 and slinked into theater #15 to catch the zombie film, Warm Bodies, but before the movie could get underway two off-duty cops approached them and asked them to step outside.

Following their own suspicion that the couple had “attempted to sneak into movies without paying for the tickets” before, the cops asked to see the duo’s ticket stubs for Warm Bodies. When they couldn’t come up with any, they were taken to the Porter County jail and booked on a felony theft count.

They didn’t even get to watch the movie!

“I know we done wrong,” Delilha said about the incident. But the couple also revealed that they weren’t thinking straight after spending all day at a funeral. This makes us sad, but also makes us wonder why anyone would go watch a zombie movie after attending a funeral.

In any case, the duo was later released from county jail on their own recognizance.

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