This Is What You and Your Partner Look Like Trying to Decide on a Movie

For some reason, Amy Schumer is always on point, and this skit showing what couples look like when arguing over what movie to watch at home is no exception.

From the chick-flick vs. action movie argument to timing out how long the movie will take, she covers all the grounds. We couldn’t help but crack up at how incredibly accurate the skit was.

The On Demand movie menu proves to be more than one couple can handle: She hates horror movies, but he is not feeling a romantic comedy. One person has already seen that movie 17 times, and they’re not trying to make it an 18th. And wait, what about the snacks?

We have all been there.

It’s one of those late night, hanging out on the couch, channel surfing nights where you just cannot seem to decide on that perfect movie. And afterwards, you’re sometimes left sitting there asking yourself if staying in was really the best option when you could have simply hit up the trashy dive bar down the road.

While sitting on the couch, you both know you’re looking for something different to watch. You’re not exactly sure what different is, just something different.

Maybe you try the “let’s each take turns picking” technique or the “you pick three, then I’ll pick two of those, then you’ll choose from there” method.

But let’s be honest, either way it ends up taking so much time that it’s too late to even watch the damn movie.