Couples Exremely Gory Wedding Cake Will Shock You

WARNING: Photos of this cake might be too gruesome for some readers.

Wedding cakes are usually unique and classy, often times showing the personality of the newlywed couple. A classic white cake with decorations is the traditional and safest way to go.

However, this couple decided to a different route, a more gruesome one.

Natali Siedserf, a cake artist, and her husband, David Sideserf, decided to make their own cake to match their movie-themed wedding.

Natalie spent forty hours creating a cake that was made to portray their severed heads. Needless to say, the cake was both realistic and gory. There was blood all over their neck and a lifeless stare in their eyes. To top it all off, she added a ribbon in the front of the cake that read, “Till Death Do Us Part.”

The photos are pretty horrific and look like something straight out of a horror film.

Natalie said she chose the horror route because her husband loves scary movies and she was always “interested in sculpting lifelike cakes.”

The inside of the cake was definitely a lot more celebrative and colorful than the outside. She used a rainbow confetti vanilla sponge cake so that when you actually cut into it, it would be really “goofy and funny.”

Their cake was a surprise for all of their guests because they did not publicize it whatsoever. But as you can image, they received reactions were mixed. Her grandmother was not so happy about, while others commented on her detail and skill.

All in all, it was their day and they got to do what they wanted.

What do you think about their severed head cake? Too gory? Or a cool twist on traditional wedding cakes?