Couples Reveal to Each Other How Many People They’ve Slept With, Things Get Awkward Fast

When it comes to relationships there are some conversations that you have to have, and then there are those where the importance varies from one relationship to the next.

The numbers talk — as in, how many people each of you has had sex with — is in the latter category. Some people want to know, some people don’t, and it’s really up to you and your partner to decide whether you want to reveal that number or hear it from each other.

The folks over at Elite Daily made that decision for a group of couples, when they brought them together and asked them to share with one another — and the internet — how many people they’ve been sexually intimate with.

While some people fessed up without hesitation, others had to think about it, while others still absolutely did not want to know.

And as it usually goes with social experiments like this, things got really awkward, really fast.

Check it out above.