Courtney Love Held Hostage by Taxi Drivers Because of Uber

The protests of taxi drivers in Paris have turned violently ugly, as the drivers have started full-out rioting in the streets against Uber vehicles.  Drivers have slashed tires, smashed windows, and even burned empty Uber vehicles. Singer Courtney Love found herself caught up in the violence, and even claims to have been held hostage for over an hour as protestors attacked her vehicle.

The famous singer documented the terrifying ordeal on Instagram and Twitter.

With one post she wrote:

“Scariest day of my life, ambushed at the airport in Paris by taxi drivers on strike against @uber got taken hostage and our car was destroyed.”

She also posted videos and photos of the attacks, and described how the car was attacked with bats as the protestors tried to get into the car.

The saga finally came to an exciting end after Love says she paid “some guys on motorcycles” to sneak her out past the angry mob.