WATCH: Jalopy Driving Waitress Receives Beautiful Car from Loyal Customers

According to Today, Cindi Grady was working at the Cracker Barrel restaurant in Branson, Missori, when she got the surprise of a lifetime.

It all started when her manager asked for her to come out into the parking lot. Not knowing what to expect, Grady was shocked to find a couple of her regular customers standing next to a 2008 Ford Fusion sporting a red bow.

Gary and Roxann Tackett have been regular customers and couldn’t stand seeing Grady’s beat up blue jalopy in the parking lot anymore. She is their favorite waitress and felt that she needed a new ride.

“I cannot believe that someone would be that generous to me,” Grady recently told NBC affiliate KARK.

The above video details the moment she received the gift of the new car. We hope you enjoy.