Craigslist Abductor Strikes — See How His Victim Escapes

What a woman thought was going to be a normal date, ended in the worst way she could have ever imagined. The woman, 22, whose name is not available to the public answered a Craigslist ad for a man looking for a submissive partner.

Lt. David Kaiser told CBS News exactly what happened: “The young lady answered the ad on Craigslist. She chatted with the person online and agreed to meet him. However, the mistake she made was she met him in a remote, secluded area near his home. She got into his vehicle and once they were moving, she realized this guy looked nothing like the picture that he had sent her. Also, the conversation wasn’t anything like it was online.”

The woman asked the man to pull his car over, but instead he took charge, choking her, tying her arms together, duct taping her mouth, putting a bag over her head, and throwing her in the back seat.

The woman wasn’t submissive though: She kicked the man’s chair repeatedly. That’s when authorities spotted him swerving and pulled him over.

Thank to officials the woman made it out of the situation completely safe, and the man was arrested for suspicion of kidnapping and assault by strangulation.

Lt. Kaiser urges  that if someone doesn’t want to meet you in a public place, then you shouldn’t be meeting them at all.


Photo Credit: CBS News