23 of the Craziest Stoner Tattoos

Some pot smokers are very serious about their marijuana while others have a really big sense of humor about the fact that they blaze. But you have to be pretty serious about being a cannabis user if you’re going to get inked with a pot leaf on a visible part of your body, especially your head! Or your inner lower lip! You get the idea.

Most of the people in these photos have¬†well more than a single skinny pot leaf tattooed on their bodies as a forever keepsake. As to whether or not they will one day regret their ink, we’ll leave it to you to judge.

Obviously pot smokers come in all shapes and sizes and they all have different tastes (as you can see from the display above). Some of these tats are really impressive and artful but others not so much. Some will even make you laugh out loud. Some are creepy and a few just plain fail. We wanted to show you a nice round up of the craziest ones we could find to inspire awe, a chuckle and a groan.

We want to hear from you so tell us below which are your favorites and which you think are dreadful. This may even inspire a few of you out there to get some pot tattoos of your own–or maybe not.

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