The Craziest Stories of 2013

The past year has offered the galaxy more strangeness than we can describe, so we’ll let some of our leading headlines do the talking.

1. Baby Gives Birth to His Own Twin Brother

Let’s begin with twins. Were you aware that it is actually possible for a baby to give birth to its own twin? According to Fox News, a two-year-old in Huaxi, China gave birth to the undeveloped fetus of his twin. This occurred after his parents noticed he was struggling with breathing and his stomach was abnormally bloated.

2. Couple Falls Out of Window to Their Death
While Making Love

Another thing that could only happen in China included a couple falling out of a their apartment building while making love. It was reported that the window was as loose as a goose, and obviously the pair’s frisky behavior pushed it ajar..

3. Man Breaks Into Ex-Girlfriends Apartment
and Bites Her Toe Off 

This one happened in the ole’ US of A. Following their breakup, Daniel Anaya, 27, decided that he wanted to smell her feet one more time. She said no, he didn’t like her answer, and ended up biting off her toe. Thankfully, Anaya was arrested on a number of counts and will remain in jail for quite awhile. Oh, and by the way, Anaya was a shoe salesman! Go figure.

4. 28 Insane Things That Only Happen at Walmart

Walmart happens to be a place where anything strange and funky can occur. This is why we have compiled some of the most fascinating stories and photos for you to enjoy. Click here to see them all.

5. Man Jumps to Death After His Girlfriend Insist They Keep Christmas Shopping

Things got so bad for one man in China that he decided to jump to his death when his girlfriend ordered him to keep shopping. Witnesses say that after five hours he’d had enough and demanded they go home. His girlfriend, however, wanted to hit one last shop where a shoe sale was taking place. That’s when things got out of control.

6. Man Sues Wife – and Wins! – for Birthing Ugly Baby

Who knew that you could sue your spouse for birthing an “ugly” baby? This also occurred in China and has left millions of people around the globe speechless. Get the full scoop here.

7. Woman Arrested for Attempting to Sell Adult VHS Tapes to Neighbors

In a sad twist of fate, a 52-year-old woman in South Carolina was arrested for attempting to sell adult VHS tapes to her neighbors. They weren’t amused in the least bit — not to mention, most of them probably don’t even still own VHS players. We’re left wondering whether or not she’s been told there are numerous adult Websites that offer free adult videos. Hopefully she’ll find a less offensive product to sell in the future.