You Won’t Believe What This Man Did, or Why He Did It

Kenneth Haskins, 58, of Tampa, Florida, a man who was previously disfigured by a self inflicted shotgun wound to the face, reportedly admitted to setting an apartment fire in a righteous, well-thought out attempt to get back at the apartment managers.

So, how did this particularly crazy arson story begin?

Before being arrested for charges of felony arson and setting fire to Mar Plaza, the apartment building where he claims residence, the complex’s managing company had to ask Haskins to stop masturbating in front of open windows and doors.

Possessing “an eye for an eye” mentality, Haskins decided to set fire to the building.

After firefighters evacuated 28 apartments during the blaze, a resident told police that Haskins admitted to starting the fire. He was arrested and held in the Orient Road Jail in Tampa without bail.

Luckily, only two apartments were damaged by the fire, the suspect’s and his neighbor’s. Two other apartments sustained water damage from firefighters’ efforts to contain the blaze.

The four people left temporarily homeless as a result of Haskins’ actions have been taken in by the American Red Cross.

Haskins has lived in the apartment building, which caters to low-income seniors and disabled persons, for over a decade.