Crazy Chicago Road Rage Incident Caught on Video

Six minutes of road rage. Sound impossible? It’s exactly what was captured in the above surveillance video. Here’s a breakdown from the police report.

On March 16, police say Martin Vigil, 48, the sales/leasing director for Chicago Real Estate LLC, was in a minor traffic “incident” involving another driver. Vigil allegedly “fled the scene after a minor traffic accident,” said Officer Bari Lemmon, a Chicago Police Department spokeswoman.

The other driver followed the offender to where he stopped, and where security footage captured the above video. This unnamed driver, who appeared to be wearing a light-colored T-shirt, jumped out of his Camry and kicked Vigil’s driver-side door. The police report claimed that this was an “attempt to get [Vigil] to exit the vehicle.” Here’s where things go into full rage mode.

As the unnamed driver keeps hitting Vigil’s car, Vigil reverses his car and slams into the Camry. He leaved, then pulls a U-turn and smacks into the Camry again. The Camry driver then lands a flying front kick on the diver-side door, hits it multiple times, and appears to break the window. It then looks like Vigil is trying to hit the other driver with his car.

“At one point he attempts to strike the victim while the victim was standing outside of his vehicle,” Lemmon said.

Vigil does some more driving, innocent people almost get hit, the other driver gets out a snow shovel to hit Vigil’s car, then another innocent guy tries to calm things down.

Erickson Ocasio, who actually knew Vigil from a previous firm they both worked for, called out to Vigil to stop. According to the police report, Ocasio said, “This is not the right way to do things,” to which Vigil responded, “If you tell, I’ll kill you, too.”

Watch the crazy Chicago road rage incident in raw video form above.